DPD Chief says Minneapolis police officer should be charged with murder in George Floyd death

Fiery protests in the streets of Minneapolis after the death of George Floyd, killed Monday as Police Officer Derek Chauvin, knelt on his neck. He begged for his life, telling officers he couldn't breathe.

More protests are expected across the country and Detroit Police Chief James Craig is weighing in.

"It was clear evidence to suggest there was probable cause to arrest this officer for murder," Craig said.

Chief Craig says he applauds the decision of the Minneapolis police chief there and mayor to fire the four officers involved.

Craig says charges should be issued, noting he has recommended charges against his own officers in the past when they have broken the law.

"It makes no difference if one wears a badge - once they cross the line of engaging in criminal behavior - they'll be treated like anyone else," he said.

Craig says he's reminded all of his officers that the type of restraint used on George Floyd is not allowed.

"I want to re-iterate neck restraints are prohibited policy of the Detroit Police Department," he said.

Alongside the chief, was NAACP President Rev. Wendell Anthony, who noted the history of police violence against people of color.

Anthony said George Floyd was one of far too many lost to those who've pledge to protect and serve.

"The perpetrators of this murder must be brought to justice," he said. 

"This individual - who committed this crime - murder - should have been arrested," Craig said.