DPD: Man suspected in murder rapped voicemail confession

The man accused of killing his pastor rapped what sounds like a confession to his girlfriend.

Usually it takes good police work to solve a crime - but when an accused murderer is a rapper, solving the crime may get easier. Prosecutors played the bizarre voicemail in court Thursday.

Police say on Sept. 24 about 10:30 a.m. on Gratiot south of Eight Mile, Mark Dillard allegedly shot his pastor in the head.

But Dillard is a self-described rapper, and it is a rap recovered from his girlfriend's phone which might have cracked the case

Segments of the rap were played in court with Dillard's attorney Chris Kessel reading the lyrics aloud:

"'I killed the rev and he ain't going to heaven. Ask FOX 2 they'll tell ya, I'm a - something - killer.'"

"Its people talking about how bad they are," Kessel said to the court. "People talking about 'I shot this guy, and I shot this guy. I'm slinging yayo (cocaine), doing whatever.'"
But in the end, Dillard's rap is giving him a bad rap.

"The prosecutor's case is based upon my client's rap verses," Kessel said. "Well, judge, I think rap verses don't carry any weight or otherwise - and I don't mean to make light of this - half of them would probably be arrested and be put in jail because apparently they all are out murdering people."

Despite the evidence being circumstantial, there was enough that the judge said Dillard will be bound over for trial on murder.

FOX 2: "Your guy got kind of a bad rap for being a bad rapper."

Kessel: "Unfortunately the prosecutor's theory is, if he can rhyme, he must have committed the crime."

Bottom line, if you're going to do the crime don't confess in rhyme.