DPD release sketch of man accused of raping teen, trying to take boy

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Her walking partner, Timesha Daniell-Taylor, had been killed  the day before when she was after being hit by a van after cheerleading practice. The young victim didn't know about the accident. 

Police said he was wearing a ski mask and a black hoodie but Assistant Police Chief Steve Dolunt said the girl was still able to recognize him and his car from the week before.

"His car has been seen in the neighborhood. Between the composite and the car, someone should have some information as to where this guy hangs out," Dolunt said.

On the same day the girl reported the attack, police say he tried to abduct another Henry Ford student. DPD Sex Crimes Unit Sgt. Marvin Jones said that attack happened Wednesday night. 

"He tried to coax him inside the car but he would not get in to the car with him," Jones said. "The young man later found out what happened and he reported it to school authorities."

Police said the boy's description of the man matched the girl's description. Detroit police and school authorities are monitoring the area alongside community activists including Mario Morrow with EAA.

"The police need our help," Morrow said. "The police need to know when we see things like this. It's incumbent on the community and on the parents and on everyday citizens to say if they see something, they need to alert the authorities."

A vigil is still set for Thursday for the two teens hit by the car, Timesha and her friend, Jermya Brown, who is still recovering at Children's Hospital. 

Parents and police are still on alert and describe the man as black, about 22 years old, thin build, light complexion, short hair, brown eyes, clean shaven, wearing a black hoodie, ski mask, blue shorts with a gray stripe, and black and gray Kevin Durant gym shoes.

Anyone with information is asked to call Detroit police at (313) 596-5300.