DPD's Detroit Rewards TV offers more ways to get paid for tips that help fight crime

On Friday Detroit Police showed off a new campaign for the platform in partnership with Crime Stoppers to get criminals off the street.

A big advertising push is underway promoting Detroit Rewards TV which can get citizens paid for tips that help catch suspects.

"It’s very important for us to create ways for citizens to get involved. To help us reduce crime, to help us bring justice to victims of crime," said Detroit Deputy Mayor Todd Bettison.

Detroit police officials say that community involvement to solve crimes is, growing.

"In 2022 we received 41 tips that were collected," said Dayna Clark, DPD media relations director. "And so far this year, 72 tips have been collected."

The new ad campaign wants citizens to know about the multiple ways they can report what they know.

"The posters that you see will be placed in all DPD precincts, community centers, local businesses, churches, busses," she said

And you will also hear these radio spots, while billboards will be visible and you can also use an interactive kiosk to help you report a crime.

"You can press on them and when you get to the final page, you can scan the QR Code and you can submit a tip right from your telephone," Clark said.

The way you receive reward money for tips that lead to an arrest is also expanding beyond just getting cash.

"A gift card or digital payment deliverable by phone or email," Clark added.

Officials say no matter how you provide the information it should never be considered snitching.

"To those out here who think this is snitching it is not," said Eric Ewing, assistant chief, DPD. "Every 911 call with the absence of an officer seeing the crime happen themselves, starts with someone calling the police."

That’s why police and community activists say your voice can help keep the city safe.

To learn more about Rewards TV, GO HERE.