DPD's Never Forgotten memorial service honors victims of unsolved murders

Detroit police hosted a special ceremony Friday for the relatives of people who were the victims of unsolved murder, or those who went missing and were never found.

The second annual Never Forgotten Memorial Service was held at the Spirit of Detroit Friday.

"It was 36 years ago, ten months," said Mary Krebes.

Two sisters left with too many questions after they brother Edward Sayers was killed in Detroit.

"He was brutally murdered," she said.

And the wait continues for someone - anyone to be held responsible.

"We have reached out to news media and different places to try to solve it," she said. "We have been in contact with the police since day one."

The Detroit Police Department’s Homicide Unit understands that pain. The ceremony is for family members who demand cold cases be solved and for those searching for loved ones who are missing.

"It’s a nice step," Krebes said. "It’s a nice step coming forward here."

Police want families to know they will never give up on the pursuit for justice.

"Every year we just want to bring attention to the families of our missing person and cold cases to let them know we haven’t forgotten about them," said Capt. Donna McCord/ Homicide Unit, DPD.

And that includes the case of Edward Sayers.

"We are still diligently working it," McCord said.

DPD Chief James White says he knows how hard his team is working to solve these open cases.

"They put work into these cases. I’ve had many of these folks in my office and talked to them personally, and share with them how happy they are when they make an arrest and can bring justice to you and your family," White said.

And DPD says they are adding new resources to their department to help solve these cases.

"The chief is very passionate about our Cold Case unit. He has added new members to it just to make sure that we have enough manpower and resources that we need to work these cases," McCord said.

And although it may take years - sometimes even decades - police say the goal is always to bring justice to grieving families.

"Don’t give up because we’re not going to give up," McCord said.