DPD's Running Man Challenge video hits 5M views, job inquiries flood in

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The Detroit Police Department answered the call. But this wasn't an emergency. They were challenged to take part in the latest viral dance campaign sweeping the internet - the Running Man Challenge.

"You know, dancing, music and conflict," Chief James Craig said. "It diminishes the conflict."

Real cops danced through the streets of the D.  It's all part of a viral craze "Running Man Challenge"

"He sends me a link to the LAPD Running Man Challenge, and I looked at it," Craig said. "He said we should take them on. I said let's do it."

The police only had two days of rehearsals, and one day to record. Music is Ghost Town DJ's "My Boo." And the video is a hit on YouTube and Facebook.

The real purpose of the video is to recruit new police officers. Since the video has gone wild the department has had hundreds of inquiries to get a job.

"Other departments are doing it and we were like, we have a lot of talent in the city," said officer David Mayes who helped organize the dance. "So why not all collaborate and do something amazing."

Well over *four million views. But can Detroit's Running Man Challenge stand up to New York's or LA's?

Hey, is our chief talking trash?

"While some made a good effort," Craig said. "Our effort was superb."

*Producer's note: At the time Charlie Langton recorded his story today, the video had two million views. By Tuesday night, it has reached four million and climbing. It then reached five million views overnight.