DRAW, a disaster aid network has a podcast. Its newest guest is FOX 2's Derek Kevra

The second natural disaster that DRAW ever helped out was Hurricane Isaac, which hit parts of New Orleans years ago.

It was also the same forecast that FOX 2's own meteorologist Derek Kevra forecasted while working in the city. And since then, they've had a busy career in disaster relief.

"Since then in seven-and-a-half years we've responded to 72 disasters around the U.S.," said Greg Martin, Executive Director of DRAW. "After floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, we take supplies and volunteers and we try to get there in the immediate aftermath, 24 to 48 hours to help people try to take steps back to normalcy."

This isn't the first time their work has appeared on FOX 2's website. You might recall their signature buckets we've covered that have advertised their brand around the country.

But today is a new side of the DRAW - their podcast.

"We talk about the things that are core to what DRAW does. It's called the drawcast and we will talk about things like entrepreneurship, philanthropy and weather," said Martin.

They have 30 episodes so far and have featured several prominent local figures including Mitch Albom, FOX 2's Amy Andrews, Pistons super stars and now, our very own Derek Kevra.

"You're our local meteorologist, people look to you for guidance when it comes to storms, but you have the science behind why things are happening and how things are happening," Martin said, "so I thought it'd be good to have you on the show to talk about not just what's happening after, but how they are happening before."

DRAW has attempted to disseminate aid throughout the country, and another tool for helping them is their podcast. From Michigan flooding to severe weather in Missouri to even EF-4 tornadoes in Dayton, the recovery network has its toes dipped in everywhere.

"That's just the last two months," Martin said. "It's been a busy busy storm season across the U.S.."