Dream Deferred: Detroit 1967 play tells stories from city's tumultuous time

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If you've seen our chapter 10 series, you know we're focused on where Detroit is going - but you can't get to a better place without looking back at where you've been.

That's why the Matrix Theatre Company is re-examining the riot that tore Detroit apart 50 years ago.

Anyone who was alive at that time will never forget those difficult days.

But for many people who weren't there -- a lot of questions remain. What happened? How did it start? Who was responsible?

In the aftermath of the riot, a man named Prof. Xavier Nicholas tried answering those questions by interviewing dozens of people about their experiences - from Gov. Romney to police on the streets to residents who lost everything.

Fifty years later that remarkable collection of stories is finally being shared in an incredible original report called Dream Deferred: 1967.

M.L. Elrick sits down with the show's director and members of the cast act out scenes from the play.

The show runs now through June 25 at the Matrix, 2730 Bagley, Detroit. Box office: (313) 967-0599.

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