Driver on motorized bike arrested for 8th DUI

Photos from the Lake Orion Police Department

Police in Lake Orion say they arrested a man who was driving intoxicated on a motorized bicycle. Police say the suspect has seven prior convictions for drunk driving.

A police officer spotted a man wearing a backpack on what appeared to be a bike with a motor on it pull out of a gas station. The bike didn't have any headlights and police say it pulled out in front of another vehicle.

The officer stopped the man on the bicycle and asked for his driver's license. The man told police he does not have one due to past drunk driving convictions.

The officer sensed the man was currently intoxicated, tested him and found his BAC to be at .18. The officer says the man had attached an engine and a fuel tank to his Huffy bicycle.

Police identified the driver as Gary Osborn, 57, or Orion Township. Osborn has seven previous convictions for drunk driving and 12 open driver license suspensions. Police say he hasn't had a valid driver's license since 1980.

Police say Osborn also has four previous convictions for Felony 3rd offence drunk driving, and that this will be his 5th Felony drunk driving arrest.

He's been charged with Operate while Intoxicated and Operating with a Suspended or Revoked License. His bond was set at $25,000. He's being held at Oakland County Jail and is due back in court later this month.