Driver runs down Detroit man, dumps him in alley, keeps driving

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Police are searching for the driver of a car who hit a man who was crossing the street and kept going - with the victim on the car. Eventually, the driver stopped and dumped the man's body in an alley and then kept going.

Bruce Key popped into a neighborhood party store - just like anyone else - and when he left, was blindsided and left to die.

"I can't believe that they just threw him out like trash," his friend Catherine Loukas said.

It was just after 9:30 Tuesday night when Bruce Key crossed the street and went into a neighborhood party store. He picked up a bottle of booze and was on his way home when he crossed Michigan Avenue. Seconds later, a speeding car crashed into him and kept going for at least two blocks with Key on the hood.

When the car got to a grocery store near Michigan and Martin, the driver got out, pulled Key off the windshield, and then dumped him the alley before driving away.

"Me and him had our arguments but he didn't deserve to die that way - nobody deserves to die like that," his step-daughter Tracy Arnold said.

She says he adored her grandson, Elijah, and took him everywhere. Fortunately, Elijah wasn't with him Tuesday night when the reckless driver didn't bother to stop.

Loved ones say Key had been hurt in a hit and run accident just about a year ago and only just now, he was getting back to normal life.

"He just got off the walker, he just got off the cane. He was walking really good," Beverly Wallace said.

Police say five men were in the car - four were black, one was white - the car would have heavy front end damage and damage to the windshield and is believed to be a small, red car similar to a Chevy Cavalier.

Anyone with information is asked to call police.