Driver runs down pregnant woman after she was assaulted by her in Dearborn Hts

A disturbing video shows a pregnant woman being hit by a car after a fight outside a Burger King this weekend in Dearborn Heights.

A witness happened to record the moment no one was expecting. Producer's note: the video may be disturbing to some. 

Amazingly, police say the pregnant woman who was hit only received bumps and bruises, and the baby is okay, too.

This happened in the parking lot in the location on W. Warren Saturday night. 

Someone standing nearby in the parking lot started recording as two women started pummeling another woman sitting in the driver's seat of a black SUV. One of the women seen throwing the punches and hurling insults appears to be very pregnant. 

The violent assault came to an end. The two women start walking away, and the woman in the car aggressively backs up the vehicle. It looks like she is trying to get out of harms' way - but it's not over. 

She accelerated and slammed right into the pregnant woman. Then she took off.

FOX 2 is told police have identified the woman but she hasn't yet been taken into custody.

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