Driver who hit two bicyclists arrested, victims seriously injured

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A car slams into group of bicyclists on Detroit's west side.

Now two people are hospitalized with serious injuries and the driver who hit them has been arrested.

This started out as a nice bicycle ride through the city on Wednesday afternoon. But the bike ride ended at McNichols and Parkside on Detroit's west side.

"She was real twisted, it didn't look good," said witness Oliver Owens. "We couldn't even see one person he was pinned under the car, behind the car. One lady was camouflaged in the flower bed, she had been hit so hard the impact made her fly into the air."

A black Grand Prix, witnesses say, was traveling at a high rate of speed westbound on McNichols.

"The black car was speeding down and swerved to avoid the van and swerved into us," said Ken, who was riding with victims.

The car hit two bicyclists, now in serious condition riding with the Biking Belle Isle Bicycle Group, who ride bikes in the city of Detroit every Wednesday and Saturday since 2014.

Police say the arrested driver is a 30-year-old man facing felony charges.

Witnesses say Stephanie White, the group's co-founder  and Michael Greer, a newcomer, were hit.

"She's retired from AT&T," said Stephen Bentley, cofounder of the bike club. "I think she's like 55 years old. The other new guy, I'm not sure. He's a new rider today so I really don't know him."

Both are hospitalized. And this is not the first incident where bikers were hit by cars.

"This is like the seventh incident with a bike rider in the last three weeks," Bentley said. "Not just with our group but with other groups too. It culminated with a lady losing her life over at Grand River and Lothrop a couple days ago. She was struck by a motorist."