Drunk driver to spend up to 3 years prison for crash that killed her friend

A woman pleaded no contest Friday to the charge of drunken driving causing death in an accident that killed her best friend back in March.

It was a horrific crash in Harrison Township that claimed the life of a 21-year-old woman. Her best friend, who was behind the wheel, made this deal with the court.

Ceara Abbott, 20, had a blood alcohol level of .25 at the time of the crash.

Her uncle, Edward Abbott, said that while the prison sentence might last a few years, the impact of the crime will remain with her for a lifetime.

It all happened back in March. Police received a phone call from a terrified woman.

"We got hit, we got hit," said the woman, who we now know was Abbott.

Back in March, Abbott was behind the wheel of a truck on I-94 near Shook Road in Harrison Township. She losing control and hit a guard rail, which threw 21-year-old Samantha Mullins from the passenger seat. She died on impact.

"She's a good girl," Edward Abbott said. "She was already prepared. She's been devastated and she knew what happened, no matter what the outcome was going to be, she was prepared because she had already lost her best friend."

He says Ceara and Samantha had been friends since they were little and that day they were out drinking when an argument broke out inside the truck.

"The situation -- whatever those girls were doing -- all could've been avoided," he said. "Everybody could be here today, happy and healthy."

Thinking about what his niece must be going through, Edward Abbott says he can't imagine the incredible heartache Samantha's family must be feeling. He hopes others think of both of these young women when they decide to have a drink.

"Don't get in the car. Don't be stupid. Everybody's body chemistry is different. One drink's not worth the risk. You don't want to wake up the next day to find out your family member is gone," he said.