DSA needs help for South Africa trip

The Detroit School of Arts male choir is looking for a final financial push for a trip to perform in a South African festival in July.

"When I come back, I most likely will be a different person because I have a different perspective of a different environment of people and a different environment in general," said Darnez Stovall, choir president.

The choir, called Vision, was selected to perform at the Ihlombe! festival, where they will meet kids their age from all over world.

"The gentlemen will get a chance to sing at the festival. They will also get to sing at churches and schools in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Soweto," said Cheryl Valentine, choir director.

The trip will cost close to $100,000 dollars, and the choir is roughly $20,000 short. They need to have all the money raised by May 1, and they've been raising money since last September.

Valentine is hoping to community will come together to give the kids that experience.

"Going to Africa is like going to a home that you never dwelled in," said choir member Elijah Hunt.

The students' passion for singing can be seen in their hard work.

"I love it so much that it's my life," Stovall said. "If I'm not singing with DSA, then I'm singing at church or I'm writing my own music. It is like music is literally my life."

Those who would like to donate can mail a check to DSA High School in Detroit and attention Vision South Africa.