DTE Energy preps for possible outages from ice storm

An ice storm can also mean trouble for our trees and power lines - and DTE Energy is making preparations for worst case scenarios.

Metro Detroiters are bracing for round 2 of extreme winter weather. Last week was the deep freeze. This go round? An ice storm that could potentially leave 200,000 DTE customers in the dark.

"A quarter inch of ice on a power line is equivalent in weight to a baby grand piano hanging from that same power line," said Bryan Calka. "So the magnitude in terms of weight of what the ice can bring both to our wire as well as to trees is quite significant."

Calka, director of DTE's field operations, says they have about 2,500 workers on standby, ready to clean up whatever mess the ice storm leaves behind.

"Everybody tomorrow is focused on wire downs, hazard remediation as well as restoring power to customers," Calka said.

And for good reason. Last year an ice storm knocked out power for about 300,000 DTE customers. Many were left in the dark for days.

"Well I keep candles, I already have portable batteries for my computers and things," said Andrea Hawkins.

Hawkins, a professional shopper with Shipt, spent Tuesday night picking up and delivering groceries, so she can stay off the roads Wednesday.

Road crews from Detroit to Macomb and Oakland counties will around the clock to spreading salt to make the morning commute safer. Even so, DTE is hoping people park it.

"Our opinion is in a situation like we're going to see tomorrow with significant weather, ideally, people are staying indoors unless they absolutely have to leave their home," Calka said.

And if you have to leave, be on the lookout for down power lines. If you see them or need to report an outage, contact DTE at 1800-477-4747. Get more information HERE