Durden's Catering in Detroit enters the chicken sandwich wars

The chicken sandwich war rages on.

It all started when Popeye's sold out of their tasty fried chicken sandwich back in August, with customers waiting in long lines just to get a bite. Popeye's is bringing it back next month. However, there's a local chef who says his chicken sandwich is even better.

Chef Tony Durden from Durden's catering is the mastermind behind the sandwich he calls The Young Gripper. You may have seen it on FOX 2 before

The chicken breast is rubbed down in a five spice blend, dipped into his spicy batter, breaded in flour and then fried in peanut oil to give it a better smoke point.

"The Young Gripper is our version of the chicken sandwich. I know you heard about them other people - I'm not going to even say their name, not even going to mention it," Tony jokes. "They came out with a little chicken sandwich, and I do mean "little." So, we decided to jump in there and give the world our own version of the chicken sandwich and it's been going crazy for us."

You can watch in the video player above as Josh Landon visits Durden to try the sandwich. 

"The day the Gripper is available we normally try to go with a straight 6 oz. breast, but since you're here today, I'm going to step it up a couple of notches for you," Durden said. 

The verdict?

"I will never wait one hour in that line again for that other place when I can come straight to my man Chef Tony," Josh said. 

Durden's Catering is at the corner of 8 Mile and Livernois on Detroit's west side. The sandwiches are only sold Wednesday through Saturday.