Early-morning gunfight in Eastpointe, suspects still on run

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A full-fledged gun battle shaking Eastpointe residents out of their beds Friday before sunrise - and the suspects are still on the run.

An early morning shooting in the middle of the street, one of the bullets hit one resident's Jeep and only a few feet away. A shell casing could be seen still sitting in the homeowner's driveway.

Resident Matt Johnson woke up to yelling and shots fired outside his home near Lincoln and Tuscany, to later find damage done to his Jeep and a shell casing feet away from his front door.

"It happened around six this morning," Johnson said. "I heard people arguing out in the front yard and I started looking out my window. I heard two gentlemen arguing about something. I don't know about what. I saw one of the guys had a gun in his hand and he was here right by my vehicle. That's when the gunfire started."

It was even scarier for his elderly neighbor, whose house was hit. Gunfire shattered Walter Schrodt's window, went through both front doors, and into his living room wall while he was sleeping on the couch.

"I slept right through it," he said. "All I heard was a cop banging on the door."

Neighbors spent the morning cleaning up the aftermath. Investigators believe the shooting started as a domestic violence situation, and at some point a woman was hit by a car.

"The woman from the house there, when the car sped away, hit her and ran over her," said neighbor Ron Beguhn. "They rushed her to St. John's Hospital."

Police say that woman is also connected to the shooting. FOX 2 knocked on the door of the house where neighbors say the mayhem unfolded, but no one answered.

Neighbors say they didn't get a look at the shooters, but say two people drove away in a silver Pontiac Grand Prix and a dark colored Chevrolet Traverse.

"I've seen both vehicles here in the past, but I don't personally know them," Johnson said.

Investigators say they have identified some of the suspects related to the shooting including 29-year-old Ramsey Wilton Scotland.

Police say he was last seen driving in that silver 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix, license plate DFL7879.

If you know of his whereabouts call Eastpointe police at (586) 445-5100.