Eastern Michigan University investigating black doll hanging at dorm

Following the discovery of a black doll hung from a shower at an Eastern Michigan University dorm, officials are investigating the disturbing scene.

"I was outraged," said Christopher Casillas, who found the doll around 4 a.m. Monday. "I couldn't believe that one of my residents could of done something like this."

Tied with a towel around its neck, Casillas said he made sure to take video evidence of the scene.

"If I knew I didn't have proof that I found this doll, I knew it would be overlooked," he said.

The student, who has been identified by the university, lives on a different floor of Best hall, the same building that Casillas lives in. Officials from EMU would not comment on the incident, other than to say they are treating the matter seriously.

"What the motivation possible was, what the context was, those are all things I can't speculate on. But the one thing I can make absolutely clear is the seriousness of which the university takes this," said Geoffrey Larcom, a spokesman with the university.

It's not the first time the doll has made an appearance. While it went unreported the first time, several students recall a photo surfacing of the doll holding a butcher knife in a dorm room. Some of those students are calling for more direct action - including suspension.