Eastpointe 17-year-old missing since Jan. 4, person of interest questioned

Ciera Milton is torn.

Although police have a person of interest it is questioning in the disappearance of her daughter 17-year-old Zion Foster, there are still unanswered questions. And the unknown is almost unbearable.

"I saw a lot of people being relieved like yes, but I was more along the lines like partially, finally," Milton said. "Therein is the fear, you know? You’re nervous about a phone call. You’re nervous about a knock at the door."

Ciera last saw her daughter on Jan. 4th.

She says Jaylin Brazier, the person of interest, who’s also her ex-husband’s cousin, picked Zion up from their Eastpointe home to hang out, something they did often.

Ciera tracked Zion’s location through her phone’s GPS and saw she was near the Seven Mile and Greenfield area on Detroit’s west side where Brazier lives.

Person of interest Jaylin Brazier.

Person of interest Jaylin Brazier.

Zion texted her later saying she was coming home, but never did.

Ciera called Brazier who she claims said, "He told me he hadn’t seen or been in contact with her 'for three years' which is impossible when you were in my driveway and gave me a hug."

Detroit police is now handling the investigation. Eastpointe police were initially at the helm when their investigators recovered Brazier’s car.

Ciera says her daughter’s disappearance has brought out the best and worst in people. While many are offering help and leads, others have reached out to Ciera and her family with bogus information, threats and words no parent of a missing child would ever want to hear.

Zion Foster

Zion Foster

"(Brazier's) sister actually reached out to us and said my baby was dead and that the whole family was talking about it like was a joke," Foster said.

Zion is still unaccounted for. Her family is still holding on to hope and wants anyone with information on her whereabouts, to come forward.

"The police still need your help," she said. "We still need your help. My baby still needs your help, Zion still needs your help."

Anyone with information, call Detroit police at (313) 596-2260 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.

The family has a GoFundMe HERE.

Zion Foster

Zion Foster