Eastpointe city council considers legalizing recreational marijuana

The possibility of a recreational marijuana business in Eastpointe was a hot topic recently at a March 19 city council meeting. Nothing was voted on; nothing was set in stone.

While there is another city council meeting in Eastpointe Tuesday night, recreational weed is not on the agenda. It will only be discussed if the topic is brought up.

However, FOX 2 Detroit checked in with locals to see how they are feeling about it.

"I think recreational marijuana is better being sold here in the licensed stores rather than being sold on the street," said Eastpointe resident Ron Zormien.

Zormien believes it could be beneficial for the city.

"It’s licensed, and it’s guaranteed that it’s not going to be anything else spiked in the marijuana, and that’s a good thing," he said.

McKenna Lacki, another Eastpointe resident, agrees. She says marijuana has helped her heal.

"I broke my jaw last year. So, I think it’s got lots and lots of medical benefits," Lacki said. "I think for the people that can’t technically get those medical cards, or can’t do those type of things they need to do – the recreational, I think, would be great to have it in the area."

She says others could benefit from it too, but understands why some may be up in arms.

"I mean I know it’s not for everybody, but for me, it would be great," Lacki said. "I see it better (than) alcohol, so that’s where I stand on it."


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"You go to each (map) space and you get a free gift. There are eight dispensaries with eight different cannabis gifts," she said.

At this point, recreational weed shops in Eastpointe has only remained a topic of discussion for the city council.

But, these residents believe it could be a good thing for the city and its economy.

"I think they’re going to be paying taxes on it. So that right there is going to the city and the state," Zormien said. "So, that right there is a win-win."

FOX 2 reached out to the Eastpointe city council to get their thoughts on the matter, but did not hear back yet.