Eastpointe issues public advisory for elevated lead levels in drinking water

Sampling from some Eastpointe homes showed elevated levels of lead in drinking water.

The city took samples from 60 homes with known lead service lines and found that seven had results over the Action Level of 15 parts per billion. 

This isn’t based on a health standard, but it does mean leaders in Eastpointe must investigate water quality samples, and educate its residents on lead in drinking water. 

The city said the service lines for the seven homes have been replaced, but it is still encouraging residents to learn about sources of lead in water. 

Also, the city will continue to provide filters and replacement cartridges to any water customer verified to have a lead water service line in their home, or meets the state-mandated qualifications. 

Fill out this form to find out if you have lead service lines.

You can learn more about lead in water and the filters here.