Elderly man killed in Detroit house fire during power outage

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An elderly man trapped was killed inside his burning home on Detroit's west side and witnesses worry the power outage may be to blame.

When Jermel Taylor says he found out his neighbor 87-year-old Walter Harris was still inside a burning house, he ran inside to find him.

"You come up the steps and the fire was all up here and there was this much floor left," Taylor said. "I was saying 'Mr. Harris, Mr. Harris' but he never did answer."

Officials say when fire crews arrived to the house; they brought the elderly man out and started CPR.

"They brought him outside and he was out on the lawn and they tried to (revive him)," said a neighbor

But neighbors say Harris passed away

"He was a good neighbor working man all his life," Taylor said. "Retired."

"He was a vet, a Korean Vet," said John Krikorian, a neighbor. "Tragic."

Neighbors say the family is now preparing for a second funeral because just last week the victim's wife passed away.

"I went to the funeral and I always take him food," said a neighbor.

Officials say power was out at the house and they are still working to determine the cause of the fire. At this time it does not appear to be suspicious.

But neighbors say because many residents on this block are still without power after Wednesday's wind storm some believe a candle may be to blame.

"Had to be that candle caught that curtain right there," Taylor said. "It was really over for that room.

Now residents are trying to move forward.

"I just pray for them. God will take care of him," said a neighbor.