Elderly Vietnam vet betrayed by insurance after tree fell on home, finally gets help

FOX 2 first brought you Willam Norman’s story back in the summer shortly after a tree fell right on top of his home

"I heard a loud boom it shook me up," he said at the time.

But that’s not the only thing that shook the core of this  81-year old Army Vet. who lives on a fixed income on Biltmore Street on Detroit's west side. He said he was shocked at the money his insurance company offered to get his house repaired.

"Michigan Basic Insurance at the time they are the one that wrote a check for me to get the house repaired," he said. "The check wasn’t enough, it was way off."

Things were so bad, Norman - who had never even missed a house payment in nearly 50 years was paying his mortgage and insurance while renting another home nearby due to the damage.  

So the Disability Network Wayne County stepped in to help out. 

"I saw the Fox 2 story and immediately felt compelled to do something," said Lori Hill-Sanders.

The organization joined forces to partner with several groups including Wayne Metro to hire a contractor to get the necessary work done. Repairs started Monday with the chimney already completed.

"I’m so happy I raised my hand to the Lord and said thank you, please," Norman said. "When I saw them up there couldn’t believe it." 

The remainder of the work should take another two weeks.

"It was really a matter of calling out the troops and partnering to get those finals dollars together, to get this paid for," Sanders said.

"It must be God," Norman said. "I believe there is a God."

To learn more about Disability Network Wayne County Detroit, call 313-923-1655 or email inquiries to  Info@dnwayne.org

William Norman