Emagine sets COVID-19 safety precautions and prepare for reopen day

It's been 7 months since movie theaters in Michigan shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, on Friday, Governor Whitmer announced that theaters will be allowed to reopen on October 9th. 

FOX 2 sat down with Paul Glantz, the chair of Emagine Entertainment, to talk about what the future looks like. 

"I'm hoping that folks remember what a great experience it was," Glantz said. "I'm hoping they come back."

Emagine is implementing safety measures, put in place by Safecinema.org. The organization issued a list of protocols that are being used in movie theaters across the country that have reopened. One of those safety measures is the incorporation of social distancing. 

Emagine will also stagger showtimes, so there won't be crowding in the lobby. They're asking people to wear masks when they're not eating or drinking. 

During opening week, the theater chain will be honoring the unsung heroes of COVID-19.

"We will be offering free movies to a front line worker and his or her guest, any movie they like," Glantz said. "Just come on in, enjoy, and welcome back to the movies."

Glantz is realistic about the restart, He'll be the first to admit, there's not a lot of new content coming out of Hollywood these days. But, he says there's a lot of good stuff right around the corner. 

"By November, we're gonna have a James Bond film 'no time to die' "Glantz said. "People would thin, James Bond on the big screen, let's go see that. I think that will kick off our resurrection."