Emotional vigil held at Affirmations in Ferndale for Orlando victims

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The very group that he targeted is coming together to send messages of love.

About 500 took part in a vigil at Affirmation, an LGBTcommunity center in Ferndale. The capacity crowd were there to make sure the names of the victims were heard and honored.

"As a Latina trans woman constantly living in fear, so the act of violence wasn't surprising to me," said Lilliana Angel Reyes, Affirmations program director.

One by one, the victims of the shooting had their names read aloud. Despite the pain in the room, the plan was to channel it all into action.

"With all due respect, pray all you want but don't expect that prayer will get the job done," said another speaker.

"We are talking about the lives lost in Orlando," said Rev. Roland Stringfellow. "But we are also reminded of all the lives our trans brothers and sisters that have been lost and their names have never been mentioned."

"The shooter alone is responsible for this hate crime," said one of the speakers. "... Our symbol is a rainbow. because without storms you can't see our true beauty."

A large crowd attended and with that came plenty of security, we saw police officers on the roof, inside and at all entrances. Fortunately this vigil ended peacefully.