Employment opportunities continue to grow in southeast Michigan

      Retail and Hospitality (18,382 postings)
      Health Care (9,953 postings)
      IT (10,626 postings)
      Engineers and Designers (5,578 postings)
      Skilled and Trades Technicians (2,693 postings)

And the top in-demand jobs:

      Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers (4,123 postings)
      Retail Salespersons (2,713 postings)
      Registered Nurses (2,713 postings)
      Software Developers, Applications (2,480 postings)
      Sales Representatives, Wholesale and Manufacturing, Except Technical and Scientific Products (1,957 postings)

"Employment growth reached new levels not seen since before the recession in 2008," said Lisa Katz, executive director, WIN. "Growing employment coupled with increased postings and consumer confidence is a signal that employers will likely continue to hire into early 2015, adding to the already-growing levels of employment in the region."

LINK: The full reports can be viewed at http://www.win-semich.org/data-research/quarterly-reports/.