End of year stress is weighing on students everywhere - how you can help your kids cope

In Healthworks, we are talking about year-end stress with our students. Students of all ages are feeling it.

And the question is, how do you know if they are feeling too much stress - and what can you do about it?

Jamie Clayton, from Oakland Family Services, stopped by FOX 2 to talk about how you may know if your kids are overwhelmed by stress.

"They're suddenly acting different, maybe they're not sleeping, they're not eating, overly cranky, telling you they're stressed out," she said.

Deena Centofanti: "So give us three things that parents can do better at this stressful time for our kids."

- Don't ask so many questions.

"I know parents want information, but try open-ended conversation openers," Clayton said.

- Be sure they're getting sleep.

"So structure is really important," she said. "Stay on a schedule."

-One test won't make or break everything

"If they don't do as well as they want or you want, don't overreact.But it could stress them out even more. Ask if it is it too late to improve your grade? Can you talk to your teacher?"

Clayton said a good conversation opener for a teen would be: "Hey, tell me how you're feeling. I'm wondering how it's going for you right now."

Teenage girl doing homework at desk in bedroom.. (Photo by Jeff Overs/BBC News & Current Affairs via Getty Images)