Estellas Vegan Bakery brings a sweet surprise to Rosedale Park area

The line pretty was nearly out the door at Estella's Vegan Dessert Boutique in the Grandmont-Rosedale Park area of Detroit..

"We were just looking for a vegan place to eat and we came across it," said Taylor Railey.

A group from Chicago was there enjoying the sweet treats along with people from the neighborhood.

"I’d never had vegan food before, vegan desserts," said Denedra. "I’m like, hmmm this is new to me. I’m gonna stop and try this."

Estellas is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from noon to 6, Chantele Jones is selling her confectionary concoctions free of animal products - a cause close to her heart.

In 2012 Jones was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, changing her diet, which changed her life.

"Before where I had to be on a lot of medication and they suggested surgery, all that has gone away," Jones said. "I definitely attribute that all to my diet."

The name of her shop an homage to Chantel’s grandma.

"She’s the one that taught me actually how to bake when I was 6 years old," Jones said.

She’s taken the spirit and flavor of home-style cooking to vegan delights, delivering an undimmed flavor profile that should excite any palate.

"You can’t tell it’s vegan at all," she said. "It still has all the flavor and taste, just none of the animal products," she said.

And her choice of community a deliberate decision to bring plant based portions there. Her pop-ups performed well, and that was just the beginning.  

The bakery is open from noon to 6 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Jones is a mother of four and like so many moms, has to juggle the life-work balance. She is also the author of a vegan cookbook which she sells at the bakery and online.