Evenstar’s Chalice announces closure of downtown Ypsilanti store

(Photo: Evenstars Chalice)

After seven years in downtown Ypsilanti, metaphysical store Evenstar’s Chalice is closing.

The business recently shared the news that its store on Huron Street, as well as a gathering space on Packard, will close soon. The Packard space will close May 11, and the activities that take place there will be moved into the Huron Street location until the store closes. That official date hasn't been determined yet, but the business owners say it will most likely be some time between mid-July and late August.

The storefront closure is due to several factors, owners Mara Evenstar and Russ Jones said in announcing the closure. 

"The simple story is that we cannot financially sustain operating as we are, where we are. We’re proud to have survived and served our community in this way for as long as we have," they wrote. "We’re not going away. Just our storefront."

Evenstar's Chalice plans to continue online sales once the store is shuttered. Pop-up vending events are also a possibility, too.

Additionally, while there are no plans to reopen a physical storefront elsewhere, it's not out of the realm of possibilities.

Find Evenstar's Chalice at 36 N. Huron St. 

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