Detroit Police apologize after woman evicted with cops' help

Single mom Whitney Burney and her four children were evicted from their Detroit home on December 19th by her landlord, with the help of police.

Detroit Eviction Defense and Detroit Will Breathe went to the 10th Precinct in Detroit to deliver a letter asking that the department makes sure police can’t participate in evictions.

The Police Commander Tiffany Stewart apologized to Ms. Burney, saying it should never have happened, adding police typically don’t engage in evictions.

Stewart says police went on the run because of a reported disorderly squatter, which turned out not to be the case.

Stewart says the Sergeant on the scene did not follow police policies, and both the city and the department are working on rectifying the situation.

The city’s spokesperson says Burney has been assigned a case manager to help get her back on her feet.