Evidence in Samantha Woll murder to be unveiled in court Tuesday

Prosecutors will present evidence tying a man suspected of murdering a well-known Jewish leader in metro Detroit on Tuesday in Wayne County court.

Michael Jackson-Bolanos was charged in the slaying of Samantha Woll, who was found dead with multiple stab wounds outside her Detroit residence last October. The 28-year-old defendant was arraigned in the 36th District Court in December.

He faces charges of homicide, breaking and entering, and lying to a peace officer. 

Jackson-Bolanos was tied to Woll's murder after investigators linked him to a number of larcenies in the area of Joliet Place, the neighborhood where the victim lived. Detroit Police Chief James White said officers were aware "a number of things about him" before charging him.

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Attorney Brian Brown, who is representing Jackson-Bolanos, previously said there is no evidence supporting his client's involvement in Woll's death.

Prosecutors plan to unveil details Tuesday during a preliminary examination that will support the charges.

Assistant Prosecutor Ryan Elsey plans on calling 12 witnesses during a "lengthy exam", he said during a probable cause conference on Jan. 3.

The hearing is tentatively scheduled to start at 11:30 a.m. 


Detroit man charged in Samantha Woll murder has criminal background

The first time he was convicted 2014 and after a plea served from 2014 to 2018. He was convicted again after a plea in 2019 and was discharged in August of 2021.