Samantha Woll evidence hearing will include 'lengthy exam' with 12 witnesses

Evidence that ties a suspect to the killing of a well-known Jewish leader in metro Detroit will be presented by the Wayne County Prosecutor during a court hearing later in January, an attorney said this week.

Michael Jackson-Bolanos is charged with murdering Samantha Woll inside her Detroit residence on Oct. 21, stabbing her multiple times. Woll was found lying outside her home early in the morning. 

During a probable cause conference held Tuesday at the Detroit 36th District Court, Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor Ryan Elsey said he anticipates a "lengthy exam" when the office presents evidence in the case. 

"I anticipate calling 12 witnesses," he told Judge Kenneth King during the hearing. 

Jackson-Bolanos' attorney Brian Brown previously said there was no evidence to support the 28-year-old was involved in Woll's murder. According to Detroit Police, the suspect had been on their radar due to several thefts that had occurred in the area.

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Detroit Police Chief James White said the suspect had lied to officers during an investigation into motor vehicle larcenies that took place the night of the murder. 

"He did knowingly and willfully make a statement or statements to the officers that he knew were false and misleading," Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said at the time of his charging. In addition to murder, Jackson-Bolanos was arraigned on counts of breaking and entering and lying to a peace officer. 

Brown has argued he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. 


Detroit man charged in Samantha Woll murder has criminal background

The first time he was convicted 2014 and after a plea served from 2014 to 2018. He was convicted again after a plea in 2019 and was discharged in August of 2021.

On Jan. 2, Elsey said he had given Brown most of the evidence that prosecutors plan to unveil during the preliminary hearing, but planned on adding a compilation video and a phone mapping report that was being prepared with the help of the FBI. 

All of that evidence will be revealed on Jan. 16 at 11:30 a.m.

There was also no change to the bond given to Jackson-Bolanos.