Evidence presented against Macomb Co. teens charged in 19-year-old's murder

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Evidence was presented Wednesday against two Macomb County teens charged in the murder of a 19-year-old missing man last year.

Andrew Fiacco, 19, is charged with first-degree murder, felony firearm, mutilation of a body and lying to police. Eevette MacDonald, 18, is charged with accessory to a crime and mutilation of a body.

Fiacco is accused of shooting and killing missing man 19-year-old Stephen McAfee, who was last seen March 10, 2016. Police say MacDonald, who is Fiacco's former girlfriend, told a friend about the murder.

The friend went to police in April 2017 and MacDonald was questioned. She was arrested and directed police to Fiacco, who was arrested after his interview. Officials say he confessed to the murder and led police to the two different locations where they had buried parts of McAfee's body.


Police say Fiacco and MacDonald used an ax to cut the body and buried some of it with concrete behind Fiacco's family's home in Ray Township. The other parts were left in the vacant lot at 34 Mile and Van Dyke, where the alleged shooting happened.

Both accused were in Romeo District Court on Wednesday for a preliminary examination to dermine if there is enough evidence to continue the case.

First on the stand was Dr. Daniel Spitz with the medical examiner's office, who during his testimony revealed that McAfee had been shot twice in the head - once in the front of the head and once in the back of the head. It was first said that McAfee was shot in the stomach and the back.

Next was a detective with the Macomb County Sheriff's office, who said that on March 14 and 16, Fiacco had commented on a news article talking about how he hoped McAfee would be found.

Then Detective Sgt. Mark Morfino took the stand and answered questions about his interview with Fiacco. He said that after McAfee went missing, the officer contacted his friend Fiacco, who voluntarily answered questions.
Morfino said throughout the interview, Fiacco became apparently nervous, with labored breathing at times and sipping on his water many times.

He asked Fiacco if he had tried to call McAfee, and Fiacco said he hadn't because he had obtained information that Stephen's phone was turned off.

Then Morfino interviewed MacDonald, who eventually told police that McAfee was deceased. She says that Fiacco told her, then took her to the scene of the crime with a semi-automatic handgun, threatening her. She said she believed it was Fiacco's brother's gun,  and she was led the the body, where it was decaying.

She told police that Fiacco used the ax to cut the body, requiring that MacDonald help him. They used MacDonald's credit card to buy concrete to pour on the body.

Then MacDonald waived the rest of the preliminary exam and her case was bound over to the Macomb County Circuit Court. The continuation of Fiacco's preliminary exam was scheduled for 9:30 a.m. Thursday.

FOX 2 News Now streamed the proceedings Wednesday in two parts.

Part 1: Prosecutors question Dr. Daniel Spitz of the medical examiner's office.

Part 2: Defense cross-exaimines Dr. Splitz. Then Macomb County Sheriff's Office detective is questioned by both sides, followed by Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Mark Morfino.