Ex-boyfriend hides in closet with hatchet, holds razor to victim's throat

Three friends came home after a night in Greektown and discovered someone in their Royal Oak home waiting for them.

FOX 2 spoke with Andrew  who called 911 and helped fight off the intruder at the same time.  It's a first-hand account of a truly terrifying ordeal.

"It all transpired so quickly," Andrew said. "It was like something out a dream or a movie."
He was just visiting from Denver and catching up with a friend and his girlfriend - when he found himself fighting for her life.

The frantic moments were recorded on his 911 call: 

"I'm standing in the living room, we both have knives in our hands, and he has a f*** razor to her throat," he said on the phone.

Police say Elliot Abrams had broken into the Royal Oak house on 4th Street and was waiting in a closet.

"It turns out to be an ex-boyfriend that broke into the residence," said Lt. David Clemens, Royal Oak police. 

Abrams broke in through the backdoor and according to Andrew set up an elaborate plan.

"I looked down and there are zip ties laid out on the table and duct tape on the table," he said. "I knew there was someone in house and that something bad was going to happen."

At the same moment he says Abrams popped out of the closest and grabbed the girl.

"He had a razor to her neck and a hatchet in his hand and we argued and pleaded back and forth," Andrew said.

911 operator: "Who is the person with the knife?"

"We have no idea," Andrew said during his call. "He has a mask on."

In an instant the men see a chance to free the hostage - and take it. 

"We started struggling with him and somehow we ended up on the ground," Andrew said. "At that moment Brian and I had to take a chance and we got the razor away from her neck. I grabbed the hatchet, realized it was tied to the wrist, rolled him over and got into a scuffle. We had to do what we had to do. You don't mess with people's family and friends."

The owner of the home, whose girlfriend was held hostage, relays info to the dispatcher:

"I need an ambulance, I just stabbed him," said Brian, the homeowner.

"The two males acted appropriately and resolved it with the only injury being the suspect," Clemens said.

"I was not backing down from this," Andrew said. "There was no way he was leaving that house without us doing something."

Brian told FOX 2 that he used a 9-inch turkey carving knife to stab the suspect. Abrams was taken to the hospital with serious injuries but is in stable condition.

Abrams is being watched in his hospital room by police officers.