Ex-boyfriend of woman found in garbage bin sentenced to 70-100 years

A man charged with the second degree murder of ex-girlfriend Kajavia Globe has been sentenced to a minimum of 70 years and a maximum of 100 years in jail.

Maxwell Brack was sentenced in court Tuesday for the murder of Globe, whose body was found stuffed in a garbage can near an abandoned home across from where Brack had been staying on fielding street in Detroit last December.

During hearings in February, Dr. Lokman Sung with the Wayne County Medical Examiner's Office revealed Globe's body was placed into the trash bin knees first. He said there were no natural diseases in the organs of her body that would have contributed to her death.

Before Globe's body was found, a neighbor on Fielding said she saw a man taking a garbage bin behind a vacant house, then came back to the front of the house.

Other officers testified they found what appeared to be blood inside Globe's car which was found at a different location.

Another officer who responded to the crime scene on fielding street says he searched another home which was right across and south of the vacant house. Investigators say they found similar items that were found in the garbage bin.

"There were plastic bags, clear plastic bags, similar to what was in the dumpster," testified another officer. "In the basement, there was a fiber material that what appeared to be inside the dumpster."

Brack's attorney could not say exactly when, but that his client lived at the house searched by police at some point prior to Globe's death.

During Brack's trial, prosecutors said the couple fought, and that fighting eventually led to more violence - and ultimately Kajavia's death. Her mother recounting the scene where her body was found.

"I passed out, so when I woke up I saw police going into this house," she said. "I asked the detectives why are they going into that house right there. Does that house have anything to do with Kajavia, and they said 'Max lives there.'"

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