Ex-Clinton Twp. trustee lied about cancer to get out of jail

A disgraced former Macomb County official is accused of lying about cancer to get out of jail. 

Ex-Clinton Township Trustee Dean Reynolds was convicted last month of 14 counts of bribery for his role in a county corruption scandal.

He was ordered to jail immediately but he wants to be free until sentencing. 
Federal prosecutors say recorded jail calls show Reynolds has been trying to get a doctor to say he has cancer to convince the court to let him out on bond.
Reynolds is also accused of lying to his own lawyer and the judge about his mother being in hospice care.

According to legal documents, Reynolds committed perjury in court saying he had cancer.

"(In 2017), I was diagnosed with kidney cancer, which is another issue that happened with working. I went through and received surgery for that cancer, and
unfortunately, that was unsuccessful. So I still have cancer and unable to find employment."

Legal documents state Reynolds knew from the April 16 pathology report that he was not “diagnosed with cancer” and he knew that he did not have cancer.

The document reads "Reynolds’ recorded jail calls over the past 30 days, two reveal that Reynolds has
been scheming to try to get a doctor to say that he had cancer in order to convince
the Court to let him out on bond."

He scheduled to be sentenced in October and he faces up to 20 years in prison.

Ex-Clinton Twp. trustee Dean Reynolds lied about cancer to get out of jail by David Komer on Scribd