Ex-girlfriend says murder suspect joked he could hide body in crawl space

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Tuesday was the second day of trial for Hazel Park murder suspect, Jordan McClanahan.

McClanahan was arrested in May after police say he admitted to killing 21-year-old Jessica White and hiding her body in his attic. 

McClanahan’s former girlfriend took the stand today telling the courtroom that McClanahan had access to a crawl space in his room and what he thought he could do with it.

"He had jokingly mentioned the crawl space," the ex-girlfriend said.

Attorney: "That he could do what with the crawl space?"

"That he could hide a body if he needed to," she said.

Police say McClanahan confessed to strangling Jessica White with a belt. He is charged with first-degree murder and mutilating a body.

Police say they searched the room and found White wrapped up and stuffed into a crawl space in his room. They said only he would have access to that hiding place.

White had been missing since April 23 before she was found on May 3.