Ex-Henry Ford doctor accused of groping patients sexually

A former Henry Ford doctor is accused of sexually assaulting women and the health system is accused of not doing enough to protect them.

The incidents have been described as four very disturbing cases of sexual abuse by the pain management doctor, dating back to at least 2017.

The allegations are that Dr. Vivek Loomba -a physician out of West Bloomfield, touched a woman's breasts and buttocks during a doctor's office visit. And as they were walking out to the lobby. He allegedly had his arm around her and even allegedly told her she looked good. 

At least three other women also describe something like this happening.

"We just found a web of violations of safety principals by Henry Ford," said attorney James Rasor.

What made the situation worse, is that court documents show when one of the women says she spoke up to a nurse about it and nothing was done.
"We were shocked to find Henry Ford knew this doctor was sexually assaulting patients and did nothing to warn patients," said Rasor.

On a different occasion one of the women says she came in for injections to manage pain and Loomba started massaging her - and said "yes, you are tight" and then touched her breasts.

"What this molester would do under the guise of pain injection - these are women who are there with pain in their spine - what he would do is, he would give them massages," Rasor said. "In fact to one of them he said, 'You'll like my massages, I give great massages.'"

Court documents say West Bloomfield police have a warrant out for Loomba's arrest on four counts of criminal sexual conduct, fourth degree forcible contact and the lawyers behind the lawsuit claim - "Now he's an international fugitive," Rasor said.
In a statement Henry Ford wrote us saying:  "When we learned of the allegations, we took immediate action to further protect our patients. We launched an internal investigation and the doctor was subsequently placed on administrative leave. During the course of our investigation, the doctor left the country. He is no longer employed with us."

The attorneys working the case tell FOX 2 the statute of limitations is coming up for additional victims who may want to come forward.