Ex-MSU Dean William Strampel retires facing sexual misconduct charges

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William Strampel, the Michigan State University official who oversaw disgraced sports doctor Larry Nassar is leaving the school after a new agreement.

Strampel, former dean of the MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine, retired effective June 30, 2018 due to a signed agreement July 5. His retirement ends the tenure revocation process, called for by Interim President John Engler in February, the school announced.

Strampel is being charged with sexual misconduct and was investigated criminally for his mishandling of the many sexual abuse complaints by athletes regarding Nassar.

Officials say William Strampel allegedly touched a student, and stored nude 'selfies' of female students on his work computer. He's been charged with two counts of Willful Neglect of Duty; one count of fourth-degree Criminal Sexual Conduct; and one count of Common Law Offenses. 

The agreement ends Strampel's relationship with MSU, but has no impact on the criminal charges pending against him from the Michigan Attorney General's Office. 

Under the agreement, Strampel receives $175,000. The final payment represents a compromise of the salary Strampel claims he would have been entitled to over the duration of the lengthy tenure revocation process.  
The retirement agreement bars Strampel from receiving emeritus status, which is a traditional honor for retiring faculty. Strampel will also forfeit other benefits related to executive level retirement, but will receive basic retiree health care coverage. 
"As I said before, Strampel has not acted with the level of professionalism expected of an MSU employee, particularly one holding an office with the responsibility of patient safety. His conduct and attitude were unacceptable and went against the values of this university," Engler said. "While completing the tenure revocation process would have been highly satisfying, his immediate retirement means we have achieved the same goal-the end of the relationship between Strampel and MSU."