Ex-Westland police officer arrested for murder in Florida

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A former Westland police officer was arrested in Florida early Wednesday after he told police that he shot and killed a man at a bar, then called 911 on himself. 

Bryan Mytych was arrested at Hennessy's Bar and Grill in Oldsmar, Florida, around 1 a.m. Wednesday. When deputies were called to the bar, they discovered one man was dead and Mytych turned himself in, saying he shot the man.

According to deputies, the 43-year-old was drinking at the bar last week when he got into a fist fight with the cook, identified as David Brown. The fight is believed to have started when Mytych said racial slurs towards the musicians playing that evening.

Officers were called that night but no charges were filed and Mytych was issued a 'no trespass' order. However, he refused to leave and officers arrested him for disorderly conduct.

Wednesday morning, police said he returned to Hennessy's and shot Brown, then told all the other patrons to leave.

At that point, he dialed 911 and waited for deputies to arrive.

Mytych admitted to killing Brown, deputies said.

Mytych was a police officer in Westland from 2002 to 2016. According to Westland city officials, he spent the past two years on paid medical leave and was terminated three months ago.

Investigators at the scene recovered a .45 caliber Glock, which they believe to be the murder weapon.