Excavator accident in Warren slows down tear-down of feed store

Work crews were in the process of tearing down a building when an excavator tipped over at the site in Warren.

The old Baseline Feed Store for pets and animals on Van Dyke near Eight Mile had been there for decades, says neighbors.  

What caused the accident was a crawl space the workers did not know about - which toppled the excavator. Luckily there were no injuries and by the end of the work day the crew was back to business.

"They were trying to tear down the rest of the building here and nobody knew there was a crawl space underneath there," said a worker at the site.

The John Deere 210 Excavator weighs about 40 tons and slipped about six feet in, nearly tipping over.

"Right now they are trying to pick it up out of the hole, and stabilize it," said the worker. "So that way these two trucks can let off of it."

The driver, Leo said he is okay after the incident.

"A little shaken up but you know," he said. "Hope they've got insurance (laughs)."