Expert panel analyzes Philando Castile dash cam video of fatal shooting

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PRODUCER'S NOTE: Viewer discretion is advised, the dash cam video may be disturbing.

The graphic dash cam footage from a Minnesota traffic stop has been released where a police officer fatally shot Philando Castile.

Last week - many people became outraged when a jury acquitted the officer. Up until now, all we had seen is the controversial Facebook Live video. Philando Castile's girlfriend recorded moments after the shooting.

It is our first look at the exchange between the officer and motorist.

"It is unfortunate I put my life and my daughter's life in jeopardy - something so dramatic, only for the verdict to be told not guilty," said Diamond Reynolds, Castile's girlfriend.

It was a first - a Facebook Live of the tail end of a Minnesota police officer fatally shooting motorist Philando Castile. The video that went viral last July, horrifying people around the world.

But last Friday a jury found the officer not guilty of manslaughter. Now we are getting a look at the dashcam and what led to the controversial verdict.

It appeared to be a routine traffic stop - Officer Jeronimo Yanez, who had been searching for a robbery suspect, pulls over Castile for a broken tail light.

But it quickly turns into chaos when Castile tells the officer he has a firearm.

Castile: "Sir, I have to tell you, I do have a firearm on me."

Yanez: "Ok. Don’t reach for it then. Don’t pull it out."

Castile: "I'm not pulling it out."

Yanez: "Don't pull it out!"

Officer Yanez fires seven shots - two bullets pierce Castile's heart. Diamond Reynolds was is in the passenger seat recording his final moments.

The squad car camera also captures the moment his girlfriend's 4 year-old child gets out of the backseat. And audio also picks up a frazzled Yanez telling his supervisor what happened.

Q: "Which direction did you fire?"

Yanez: "Right at the driver pointed down. I don't know how many rounds I let out."

In a later interview Yanez describes he saw Castile appear to make a "C" shape with his hand as he was reaching for a gun.  That's the moment he decided to shoot.

In a transcript, Yanez said:

"I thought he had it enough so all he had to do is just pull it out, point it at me, move his trigger finger down the trigger and let off rounds. And I had no other option than to take my firearm and, and I shot."

FOX 2 wants to bring in a couple of experts to talk about this footage:

Mark Zacks is the state secretary for the Police Officers Association of Michigan

Rick Ector is a CPL instructor and the owner/operator of Rick's Firearms Academy in Livonia.

Taryn Asher asks the panel for their reactions to the ruling in light of the new and troubling footage.