Experts say you should wash your reusable mug daily

Are you regularly washing your reusable mug?  You should be, especially during flu season.

It doesn't matter what you put in a reusable mug; it’s your mouth that matters, according to Good Housekkeeping Institute.

Drinking from a cup means mouth germs are touching the mug, and  experts say germs do well in moist environments.  So the golden rule is, if you're drinking from a reusable mug, you need to wash it every day.  

Rinsing it under hot water isn't going to cut it, experts say.  It’s recommended to use a dishwasher with detergent and not sponges or brushes.  You may prefer to sanitize with diluted bleach, in which case use one tablespoon of bleach to one gallon of water and let it stand for two minutes two. Then, wipe or air dry. 

Sponges and scrub brushes can carry more bacteria that can transfer to your mugs, potentially causing more harm than good, so experts say avoid using them.