Fallen Deputy Overall honored at basketball game at Oakland U

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A community rallied around the family of an Oakland County Sheriff's Deputy Friday.    

Deputy Eric Overall was hit and killed last year by a suspect on the run. 

They went through the pain. They laid him to rest, they mourned and they continue to keep his legacy alive. 

Deputy Steve Curtis, a school resource officer like Overall, sang the National Anthem at the Rochester High School and Rochester Adams game with the group who made Friday possible.

"We're honored to be here as a family, as a unit and as a community," Curtis said.

"For me my father was a firefighter in Shelby for 23 years," said Evan Miller of the 'Siren' band. "And he retired and I watched two firefighters fall."

They are called Siren. Students from Rochester created the band, they performed, were a hit, and raised money. They knew exactly where that should go - to Deputy Overall's family.

"It's that love of America and support," Miller said. "I really thought we needed to do something for Deputy Overall."

The band raised $900 for Overall's family, which was presented at the game hosted by Oakland University.

It was very early Thanksgiving morning, Overall had just thrown down stop sticks to catch a man who ran from Lapeer County authorities after making wild accusations. The suspect hit him and it was over.

"Their world was rocked and will never be the same," said Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard. "They are plunging, pushing forward one step at a time. It will never be the same. We've lost a great deputy, a great father and a great husband. That's not a void that gets filled."

A basketball game between rivals means nothing when its time to stop and honor a fallen hero. Giving the money they raised and their support in memory of a man who gave so much.