Fame or Shame: KY-107 Multifunction Vacuum - does it suck (in a good way?)

Tired of lugging that heavy old shop vac out to clean your car? Not a fan of fanning debris all over?

Now there's the KY-107 Multifunction Vacuum. The makers of this sucker say it's so convenient you can take it anywhere!

It is so powerful they say it will inhale dirt "like a tornado." And not only does it suck - it blows.

But the question remains, is this product a blast of fresh air? Or should we put it on blast? Will it get .... Fame or Shame???!!!

Rob Little is a stand-up comedian. He's also a guy who has done a bunch of Fame or Shame tests with Wolchek over the years.

Wolchek: "Here it is. It's the KY-107."

Rob: "Echhh ... great name."

Rob is impressed by the numerous attachments, testing it in the car and putting the attachment on the vacuum.

"See the little l-slot right there. And here it goes into this, and I'm going to say that it will click in once we, look at that," Rob said. "It's got a good little filter on it."

Wolchek: "You could use that for a badminton ..."

Rob: "Shuttlecock."

Wolchek: "There you go, watch your language."

(Zoooommm) "Ooohh. I like that it cools you down," he said.

Rob goes to work on a Jeep's messy floor mats - so far, pretty good.

"Here's something we didn't think about. Where's it go?" asks Rob before he pops the cap on the tube. "Oh look at that, it's all in there."

The vacuum charges with a USB plug so you can power it up at any time and it's supposed to fit in your glove box.

Wolchek: "Does it fit in there?'


From vacuum to mini leaf blower, this thing is supposed to do it all.

"So you just pop the filter, the whole suction side off, and then you go to the other side - that's the fan," Rob said. "And this just pushes right in."

Rob blows some light stuff off the hood of the Jeep and it works okay. But with these heavy pine needles, the KY doesn't cut it.

Rob wants to see how the portable KY-107 will stack up against a shop vac - or if this will be an unfair fight.

Wolchek: "Wait until you see my shop vac; The Beast,"

Time to unleash The Beast.

Rob's dreams of the perfect product have been deflated.

Wolchek: "But did it blow okay?"

Rob: "This thing? It blew."

Moving over to the patio.

"Hey I think I found what it's good at," Rob said.

Moving to the patio, the vacuum is crazy good on crevises.

Rob says it would be good on keyboards - I guess he meant computer keyboard but Wolchek doesn't play that - but worked on a Casio piano keyboard.

So what else can this vacuum do? We listen to the Instagram ad that leads them to the versatile vacuum.

"It has a whopping 95,000 PA," brags the advertisement.

"Ninety-five thousand Pennsylvania," Rob quips. "What is PA, pressure?"

Wolchek: "Ninety-five thousand PA."

"What's PA? Isn't it PSI?" asks Rob.

We never figure out what PA is, but we guess it must be good.

Does it have the power to deflate a water bottle?

"It's bending a little bit," Rob said.

That's a fail.

Then we try a medium sized jug.

"What are you thinking now?"

"I think it's good for milk jugs. How many times you get done drinking milk and you think, I want to crush that," Rob quips.

The suction of the KY-107 makes mincemeat of little bottles.

Just for fun, we try The Beast on the big bottle - and it works.

But, time to test it for some practical uses.

Rob: "There's still something that you missed."

Wolchek: "Let me wipe it up. What are we going to do with that paper towel?"

Rob: "What do you mean, what are we gonna do with it?"

He switched on the KY blower and away goes the paper towel.

Rob's getting cocky now and thinks he and his little vacuum are hot stuff. Spilled cereal - blown to oblivion.

Rice? Nice.

Honestly, when switched to the vacuum option, this sucker sucked up a lot of stuff including dirt, cereal and rice.

Wolchek: "That is ..."

Rob: "Impressive."

Wolchek: "KY-107... what do you say, Fame or Shame?"

"Gotta be Fame," Rob says.