Families cooperating in search for Omarion Humphrey

Both families are cooperating in the search for a missing 9-year-old boy with autism,  Davison Police Chief Rick Freeman said Friday. 

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An Amber Alert was issued for Omarion Humphrey on the Fourth of July. He disappeared from Lake Callis Recreation Complex in Genesee County's Davison Township. Hundreds have joined in the search since then. 

He has severe autism and is nonverbal, but may answer to the name "Mars." Authorities have urged those in the surrounding areas to check places where Omarion could be hiding out. 

Chief Freeman urged the public to refrain from sharing any tips or useful investigative information on social media, saying it can severely hamper the investigation. He urged people instead to call police right away and share the information with investigators first. 

Khisha Humphrey says her son was with his foster family. She has told FOX 2 the boy should have never been placed with the foster parents. 

The attorney for Humphrey's 11 children, Monica Baylis, says Omarian and the other children have been placed in five foster families for a few months now. Baylis said this is due to what she calls an "abuse and neglect" situation with his biological parents.