Families plea for justice for couple killed execution style on east side

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It's been eight months and still no closure for the families of two people killed execution style on the east-side of Detroit back in September, 2017.

Just before 6 a.m. September 9 2017 police got the call that there had been an accident. They found several fences that had been hit - but also two people dead.

"The last time I saw my baby, if I knew she was going to he murdered I would have got in that car for her," said Lashawn Lakey. "I saw her at 1:15 and the next thing I know, I get a call and my baby is in the morgue. That is terrible. And I live it every day."

About 250 days, to be exact, since Jalisa Baxter's mom has been missing her daughter and wondering who killed her.

"I have other friends that have lost kids," Lakey said. "They have become alcoholics, crackheads. I refuse to fall down that line."

Jalisa Baxter was in the passenger's side of her car near Moffet and Holcomb. Eric Perkins, just one year older than her, was in the driver’s seat.

Both were shot in the back of the head, brazen, execution style.

"I couldn't believe my sister was gone," said Alexis Nelson, Jalisa's sister. "It was like everything just stopped."

"I am going to make sure my grandbaby has justice," said Lakey. "Because she didn't deserve to be killed like that."

Baxter was a mother to a 7-year-old.

"He'll look at her picture, try to touch her lips and stuff," said Jasmine Abrams, Jalisa's sister. "He doesn't really don't ask. He is real smart. We need justice for him, we really do."

Perkins was a father of 6.

"I noticed him changing trying to change his life around," said a friend of Perkins. 

Jalisa's mom said the two had just gotten to know each other. She says her daughter had just left work and like that, both of their lives were over.

"I want whoever did this to feel what I feel," said Lakey. "I just want him to feel what I feel. That's all."

Jalisa's family says August is her birthday and her son's birthday a tough month to go with his mom and without answers.

Police weren't able to give an update on the case Thursday, if you have information reach out to Detroit police.