Family and friends gather to celebrate the life of Kenneth Wynn, gunned down and killed 2 years ago

“You still have a loss of words,” said cousin, Branden Fleming. “The pain doesn’t go away.”

It’s been exactly 2 years since Kenneth Wynn was murdered outside of his home near Manor and Fenkell on Detroit’s west side.

“He was getting groceries out the car and all I know was I heard gun shots and I went to the window and he was laying there,” said Kenneth’s wife Francesa Tinch. “I ran out and gave him CPR and he died in my arms.”

On the anniversary of that horrible night, family and friends gathered at the cemetery, where Kenneth is buried. 

“He was my favorite of all the nephews,” said Kenneth’s uncle Nathaniel Burns. “He was a man amongst men.”

Kenneth’s killer is still on the run. 

“I just wish I could tell him how I feel,” Francesa said. “I just wish he could feel the way we feel.”

And while loved ones aren’t able to do that, they can talk about the way they feel about Kenneth. 

“He was just a good man overall,” Francesa said. 

“He was an animal on the basketball court and the football field, very athletic,” Branden said. “A loving father and a good brother to me.”

If you have any information on Kenneth’s murder, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800 Speak Up.