Family and friends remember Detroit DJ shot dead in robbery

A career cut short Friday night for DJ Slick B, born Byron Gilbert, who was shot and killed while walking to his car off McNichols near Wyoming.
Detroit police say someone came up with a gun to rob him and his friend. The suspect fired shots and drove off, leaving Slick B for dead. His friend survived.

“Violence don’t solve anything,” said radio personality Dr. Darrius. “Not only did you rob a man and his family, but you robbed a city of hopes and dreams we had."
The music community remembers their friend and colleague who was just hitting stride in his career.

“He was a real workaholic and would take every job he could possibly take, to and he would do a lot for free,” said music producer Helluva. 
“Real humble guy, speaks from the heart, loves the city, has a family, that’s what hurts the most,” Dr. Darrius said.
Dr. Darrius says the 28-year-old leaves behind three children. He was born and raised in Detroit and took that pride on the road with him. 

“He never forgot the independent Detroit artists he still rode for Detroit,” Helluva said. 
At last check with Detroit Police, Sunday night, they don’t have anyone in custody

A message from Dr. Darrius to the people behind his friend’s murder.
“I say to the people living that lifestyle there is still an opportunity for you to turn your life around,” Dr. Darrius said.