Family: Boy died a hero trying to save sister in Huron River

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We are learning more about the teen who died during what was supposed to be an afternoon of fun on the Huron River.

The 14-year-old is now being called a hero who saved his sister's life.

On Friday the family of Abdulrahman Labak mourned the death of the boy who died while swimming and canoeing near Ann Arbor with his sister and father.

When his sister started to struggle in the water, his family says he rushed in to save her.

"He saved his sister's life. It was going to be his sister or him," said a friend.

In doing so, he drowned. EMS pulled the Dearborn boy from the water and attempted CPR but could not bring him back.

At his funeral on Friday, hundreds came out to pay respect.

"He's really a fantastic person and to see this outpouring of support it’s really fulfilling," said Omar Alhaider.

The shock of what happened has not fully set-in. They describe a young teen that loved sports.

"He liked to play soccer and he liked to make jokes," said Seth Benhajali, his cousin.

And he was very active in his faith as well.

"He knew all of the Koran at the age of 7," said a friend.

"In the mosque we used to go to, there was this gym and he used to always help us and play with us and all that," said another friend.

By all accounts his actions in death saved his sister. She was taken to the hospital after being pulled from the water but is expected to be all right.

At just 14 years old it's obvious he made an impression on every young person that came into his life and will be remembered as a hero.